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I wonder if anyone can help me. My very old Corsa Trip N reg recently died. Although I am somewhat relieved to no longer be driving around in an orange car (sorry orange car lovers) I am very sad to see it go.
I still have it's wheels/tyres, as the tyres were newish and it seemed silly to throw them away, and now want to put them on eBay.
In order to sell them, I am being asked if my car was MKI or MKII and I have absolutely no idea. Ebay seems to be suggesting that all wheels from Vauxhall Corsa MKI cars will fit all other Vauxhall Corsa MKI cars...and the same for MKII. Does anyone know if this is correct?
Any help would be really appreciated, the wheels don't suit my lounge as well as they'd suit someone's car.

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