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Hi guys this issue has been niggling at me for some time now, mainly because I can't do a simple motorway journey without needing to stock up on new bottles engine oil!

My car is a 1.0 Corsa C Ecotec (2001) and I have noticed ridiculous oil consumption, I am talking 3 litres every 450-550 miles! City driving the car lasts alot longer on oil but one simple motorway journey will literally eat most of the oil up and it will go from almost full dipstick reading, to running dry within a week of the journey (last one was around 50 miles each way so hardly a strain!)

I have inspected the engine and there are no apparent leaks, also left the car running for around 25 mins on the driveway and laid newspaper down, still no signs of any leaks!

I do understand these engine burn oil alot and i did buy some additive (Wynns stop smoke oil treatment) on last oil fill which did seem to help slow down the rate of oil loss.

I have done some research on possible faults, piston rings, valve stems, blocked breather pipes, the car does not smoke at all (white or blue) and coolant levels remain more or less unchanged.

Power wise, the car still picks up quite well and idles just under 1k revs.

I am getting these engine codes:

The misfire codes are strange because I did replace the sparks and coil pack a few months ago and the code disappeared but somehow reappeared?

If anyone has any suggestions they will be welcomed!!

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Welcome to the Forum.

If it isn't leaking oil, then it MUST be burning it, even though you have not noticed any blue exhaust smoke.
Suggest that you get someone to drive behind you on a motorway run and see if they can see any blue smoke. Also, have a look at the end of the exhaust tail pipe to see if there are any oily deposits inside it.

Generally, if it is pistons/rings/cylinder bores that are worn, you will get the blue smoke when pulling hard (up hill in too high a gear, for example)

When oil is getting down the valve guides, it tends to show up after you have (for example) descended a long hill, with your foot off of the accelerator pedal.

What oil are you using? Your hand book may well recommend something like SAE 5w30, but Vauxhall now recommend SAE 10w40 for older engines.

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I got a very similar problem
Around town the oil is ok,no leaks or drips or smoke of any colour
But on a long trip it can vanish almost completely
I get codes for the exhaust sensors,either the top one or the lower one
Never both
Also replaced the coil pack three months ago along with the plugs
Has now started stuttering a bit
The plugs were overly black,made me think the choke is sticking on to long
Have you got any where with the problem
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