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I recently changed my corsa front and rear seats to calibra's so thought i would share how i did it. Can get quite frustrating but if you keep at it it looks good.

You will need- torx pieces 45 and 15, torx ratchet adapter socket or just a torx screwdriver. phillips screwdriver and flat headed screwdriver, short and long. wire cutters long nose pliers strong rope/string 13mm socket 13mm spanner maybe a bread knife and scissors, WD40 also comes in handy

Step 1

Begin by getting your torx 15 and your ratchet and removing all the torx screws around the plastic trim on the drivers and passengers side. once you have done that the plastic trim should just lift out with a bit of persuasion. You should then be left like this

IMPORTANT- you need to now put the red fork in the slot on the pre tensioner. you then need to remove the 2 torx bolts at the back of the seat, slide it right the way forwards and make sure you get a long ratchet for it as you need as much leverage as you can get, they are threadlocked so take a fair bit of undoing. They are torx 45

Once you have removed both of these the seat will only be held in by two hinges at the front (earlier model corsa's 97 and below have 2 bolts at the front aswell i think) . So with a bit of pulling the seat should just lift out

At this stage if you have a higher spec model then you can check for heated seat wiring, this will be taped up with the rest of the loom under the carpet at the front of the seat. It will be a connecter with a brown wire and a red/black wire.

repeat all of the above for the passenger seat and you will be left with only the backs in.

Step 2

Now turn your attention to the rear bench, this is only held in by 2 screws so get your phillips scredriver take them out and the bench will just lift out.

Now the bench is out go into the boot and remove the two plastic covers eitherside of the boot in the corner next to the back rest.

There is 1 torx45 bolt holding the back rest in in both corners behind the covers that you will need to remove. If you have a 60/40 split backrest like me, you then need to go to the split and remove the 4 torx45 bolts on the brackets. After these have been removed, you can lift the backrest out.

You should then be left like this

Then unravel your new calibra seats :thumbs_up:

Step 3
Now lift your new seats up so you can see the bottom. You now need to remove the subframes, snip the cable tie that holds the pre tensioner to the foam on the bottom. There is 4 13mm bolts holding the subframes on. Going of memory, 2 of the bolts are easier undone by a spanner and 2 are easier undone by a socket. After you have done this it should just come of, repeat this for the corsa sub frames and then you will be left with 4 seats and 4 sub frames. Bolt the corsa sub frame to the calibra seat and you should have 2 calibra seats with corsa sub frames on. There now ready to be bolted in. Repeat the process in step 1 but in reverse order, pop the seat onto the hinges and then put the 2 torx bolts back in on the back of the seat. Then simply just put all the plastic trim back on and do this for the passenger seat aswell. However if you have the higher spec corsa's with heated seat wiring, you can simply just plug the 2 connecter into each other. Put the switches in the dash behind the air circulation panel and when they light up check there working. You should now be at this stage

Step 4

Now get your calibra and corsa back rests and flip them over so your looking at the carpeted side which was in the boot.

Now remove all the black plastic rivets that hold the carpet on, i used a flat headed screwdriver and pliers to remove them.

Do this for both parts of the back rest on the corsa and calibra back rests.

Now using a flat head screwdriver slide it under the rubber seal going around the back rests, go all around the back rest with the screw driver and then the only thing holding the cover and foam on will be the button at the top. With abit of persuasion and sliding your screwdriver under, the material and foam will lift of the metal backing plate on the back rests. This applies for both the corsa and calibra back rests. You should then be looking like this

Now you have to use the corsa metal backing plate and the calibra foam and leather cover. Put the calibra foam and material on the floor and then put the corsa metal backing plate on top.
Due to both parts being out of different cars this can be quite tricky, as you can see there is quite a difference in shape. Although keep at it and go around the metal frame pulling the rubber seal around it like it was when you removed it before. The only difference is it will be quite abit stiffer and more stubborn to get on. You may also need to use a small hack saw to cut down the metal bracket at the top of the seat

Once you have done all the above the it should look like this

In the top corner it may not line up correctly and may stick out abit, because it's in the boot of the car it doesn't need to be extremely neat so i just used a couple of cable ties to hold the material together. This should be how it looks at the end

To neaten the job up i put the corsa carpeted material back on the back, i just popped the plastic rivets back in and it came out like this

Do all the above for the other part of the back rest and you should now have both parts of the 60/40 split all done and looking neat.

Now re fit the back rests in the reverse of how you removed them

This part will be extremely tight but with a bit of pushing and shoving it will go back in. Now my advice is to take the calibra bench and put it in the car and see what you think. I found it sat far too high in the car due to the different shapes in the floor of a calibra and corsa. This is how it looks without the bench being retrimmed

A lot of people just put the bench in how it is and be done with it, but if you want a proper job doing then re trim it in the same way as you did the back rests. Heres how you do it, flip the calibra bench upside down and you will see lots of round metal clips holding the leather to the foam. Using wire cutters or long nose pliers twist them round of cut them off.

The middle of the bench holds the leather down using these metal rods

being careful you can just slowly pull the material of these rods and your seat cover will come off completely.

Now you will have the corsa bench which has been untouched and the calibra cover,

Now make sure the holes on the calibra leather cover that the round metal clips went into are well pierced so theres a good hole. You the need to go from side to side with some good strong string or rope to pull the cover tight onto the corsa bench

it should look like this once you have pulled it all tight and done a good knot.

now go from the other side to side and with the same method pull the leather tight and do a good knot to hold it together.

Now it shoud be finished, put it back into your car and it should be considerably lower than the calibra bench was, it should look like this once all finished

If you have any more questions then feel free to PM me :thumbs_up:

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that is a much better way of doing it than my way lol although i would of kept the rear bench as normal not putting on the corsa foam

when you had it in was it screwed in properly or just sat there because i found that the mounting points were different

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Great tutorial. Fixed all the out of line pics.
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