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Done this a few days ago and took some pictures so thought i would write a small write up

I Am not responsible if you damage or hurt your self ,anyone or anything in the process of this this tutorial is for guidance only

You will need:

Various sockets or spanners sizes 8mm to 13mm i think could be wrong
trolley Jack, probably do it without just makes it easier for access
axel stands

First off loosen the wheel nuts to make getting the wheel off easy
Open the bonnet for better access
put hand brake on and wheel chokes for safety and put in gear for extra safety!

raise the car up using the trolley jack

loosen all wheel nuts and take the wheel off and put under the car for safety or use a axel stand which is more ideal

work along and take off all the bolts there are 5 along the inside of the wing in the engine bay, take all these off and put in a safe place
there is also a star screw to take out that is attached the scuttle panel

once you have take these off there is one bolt behind the door hinge bit awkward to get to using a socket so i used a spanner be careful when it comes out and it may drop down and get stuck

then there is one more bolt on this side just under the door sill pictures here

Nearly there now there are about 2 more bolts left these are hidden behind the bumper so you will have to remove the bumper only one on side though

undo the 10mm (I think) plastic nut in the arch closet to the bumper theres a small flap to gain entry, once this is undone theres a small metal bolt just above half way down the bumper on this edge, Once this is removed you can pull the arch out a little and move the bumper out the way

this will now show you 1 or 2 nuts and a black plastic block with a screw remove these and you will now be ready to take the wing off

it may require a bit of force as there is some glue from factory put on very close the suspension turret, Use some gentle persuasion and it will move off

the side indicator will still be attached so unplug it when the wing is off

congratulations you have removed your wing!

get your new wing in place

you can see below my old one which is dented

remember to swap the side indicators around if you wish as i have clear and the other was orange

now you just have to do the reverse very simple just make sure all the holes light up correctly

i had a problem on mine that where i crashed it it seems to have moved the chassis i think it is behind it back a part so the black block and 2 bolts dont line up as shown in this picture

make sure you reconnect the side indicator as i forgot bolted it all up and then lucky i was able to push the indicator off and grab the wire easily

once these are all bolted back up it should all line up nicely

if ive missed anything out just tell me

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Good stuff, and loving the headlights :D
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