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Recently bought a new car, (Thread; Here) and among other things my last car didn't have it came with one of the torch keys.

I also noticed I haven't written anything in a while so decided to write a (very simple) tutorial on how to change the battery in a Torch key.
Yes it's a really simple job but I was bored.
This is also a job that gives a relatively high level of satisfaction with very little effort. It can be done in your kitchen and doesn't involve heavy lifting, spanners, hammers, screwdrivers, lifting cranes, welding, stress, anger, disappointment, rage or the need to invade a third world country.

Things you'll need;

1x Torch key.
These can be indentified by the 'press able' button on one side and the small light bulb on the front of the key.


1x Replacement battery.
The Duracell 625A, this is a very specialist battery, it is not available in shops as far as I know so best to just go online, mine was purchased from Amazon for about £1.50.


1x Vauxhall.
Any Vauxhall will do it, although not necessary to the job you should probably have a car to go with your car key. Preferably a matching set if at all possible.


1x Round ended kitchen knife.
1x Kettle
1x Teabags
1x Splash of Milk
1x Favourite Mug

IMAG0180.jpg cup of tea.jpg

Cautionary notes.
The battery used in the torch keys is a very specific size and shape. Don't assume that any battery of a similar size will do it. They can be picked up for around £1.50 from Amazon, they are, as far as I know, not available in shops.

Also note this is for the Vauxhall keys from the Corsa B era with the small light inside them. (A flat black key with a single round button on one side). Any remote central locking keys may use a different battery and require screws etc to take them apart.


Step 1
Stick the kettle on.
A good cup of tea counts as part of your five-a-day.

cup of tea.jpg

Step 2
Locate your key and detach it from any key rings.
You need to split the key in two so it is important to remove the key rings before continuing.


Step 3
Take your knife and gently twist it in the slot on the back of the key.
Be careful here not to foul the plastic as it both looks untidy and can make it very difficult to open the key if you shred it.


Step 4
Take out the old battery and replace with the new one.
There is not a lot holding the battery in place until you put the key back together so you may have to balance it in place while you proceed to step 5.

Step 5
Replace the top of the key and press firmly until it snaps back into place.
The job is now done. Providing you have done it properly the key should now give off a decent amount of light when you press the button.


Step 6 (optional)
Turn off all the lights and draw all the curtains in your house and perform a simple household task using only the light from your key for that feeling of satisfaction at fixing something and being able to use it in an artificially created and entirely inappropriate situation.


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Bargain Home Stores sell these for 99p each.
A few garages down here sell them for £1 each.
I usually grab one when I see them along with CR2032's, CR123a's and CR2 batterys for my camera.

Keep an eye out.

Good writeup though

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I just have a metal key - no plastic :(
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