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okay tools required
hacksaw, marker, drill, self tappers, stanley knife

okay so first of all get your hands on an uncut laguna splitter

So start by removing your rubber splitter from your corsa revealing the bare bumper.
Then you want to cut off all the big clips off the laguna splitter to allow it to wedge into the bumper.
Then cut the splitter directly down the centre.
Line up the edge of your splitter with the edge of your bumper, you may want to tape it into position at this point.
Then using your marker, mark the splitter in the centre of the bumper and mark the excess that goes around to the wheel.
Using your hacksaw and stanley knife cut these parts off and it should lin up perfectly - repeat this process on the otherside aswell.
You will then be left with 2 sides of the splitter that fit snug as a rug in your bumper.
Then jack up the front of your car and slap some axle stands under there.
Using your drill, drill 4 holes through your bumper and splitter 1 at each end of the splitter and 2 closer to the centre, then using self tappers screw the splitter to the bumper so no one can nick it.
Then drill 2 holes though your splitter on the underside of it where you have the crease inbetween both sides.
Then using a black cable tie, tie both sides of the splitter together, which pulls the 2 sides together leaving the crease almost invisible.

Finished Product

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Nearly all splitter's will be the same to fit but i dont cut the splitter in half

I line up splitter on edge of bumper

If any brackets in way cut them off the splitter

Then use masking tape to hold the splitter into place on the bumper

Then working from middle out , drill a small hole every so much through splitter and bumper and fix ot into place

Chop on excess over hang

Job done
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