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This Tutorial is to fit Central Locking to a 3dr Corsa B, without electric windows.

First of all you need to by the Hawk Central Locking System, this is for a 4dr version, but I just left to of the motors off and worked fine. (will be similar with other aftermarket central locking kits).

Part 1.
Get System.

Part 2.
Go to car and open door. ( This it the passenger side door because all my wires and stuff are behind the door card on drivers side didn't want 2 mess with that again lol)

Part 3.
Unscrew the plastic bottom of the door. And slide down/off.

to this

Part 4.
Unclick the top part of the arm rest by pushing upwards.

Part 5.
Unscrew the rest of the arm rest.

to this

Part 6.
Unscrew the two screws on the side of the door card.

Part 7.
Remove the inner wing mirror knob and push upward to remove the inner plastic.

Part 8.
Remove the rubber window holder.

Part 9.
Unscrew last door card screw.

Part 10.
Remove the door card from clips.

Part 11.
Pop the door knob out of the hole.

Part 12.
Twitched the door car ( I couldn't get the window winder handle off so I just did that)

Part 13.
Pull weather proofing SLOWLY off (not all though just the corner we need)

Part 14.
Screw the motor to the door, there should be a hole in the door that's not being used! If not you will have to use the metal pieces that are in the kit.

Part 15.
Attach the central locking rod to the door locking rod.

Part 16.
Poke a little hole in the weather proofing and put wires in.

Part 17.
Put door card back on, make sure the door Knob fits back in the hole and locks and unlocks. Then screw the top left screw to make sure the wire is ok ( I just wired mine without going inside the rubber part (quicker and just wanted to see if it works, might change when get bored)

and here

Part 18.
Do the same for the driver's side door, but u end up with some extra wires. (because when u lock you car door with the key, it will automatically lock the passengers door also.)

wires are NOT on show

Part 19.
Fit wires to battery

and here

Part 20.

I've missed out the part about clicking the motor wires to the prosscer unit but that is just a simple click in J and takes about 2hrs (first time) it fit. enjoy

About £30 incl delivery.
Hey hows it goin? im new to this so could u please tell me if this system would b worth buying and installing on my R reg corsa as ive done everything else to it apart fae central locking, im no sure if itll work because my car doesnt have central locking as it is many thnx haze87 :confused:
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