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If, like many Corsa's, you've failed your MOT on loose headlights; chances are your problem lies with the clips at the back of the headlight, as they tend to break. A garage wanted to charge me £20 per side for this, and considering the clips are only a couple of quid its worth having a stab yourself.

Whats needed:

8mm socket
Headlight clips
20 Minutes or so

Step 1:

Open the bonnet, find the respective loose headlight. Then undo the 3 bolts around it (2 on the headlight, one for the bumper).


Step 2

With the bolts undone, you should be able to manhandle the headlight out of the car, pull the bumper away to help. Also, watch out for the headlight catching on the wing.

Then pull the headlight away, you can undo the cables to pull the headlight away completely but it isn't necessary.

Step 3

Now you should be able to see, behind where the headlight was, a square mounting hole where the clip should go. It might have the old broken clip still in, mine has obviously fallen out at some point.

Push the new clip into place, then the reverse of above to refit the headlight:)

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