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As the title suggests this is a how to for removing the barrel lock from your car, you may want to do this to clean, replace or jam it to stop your radio turning off.

Why might you want to do this? If your key is hard to turn it may need a clean, if your're changing your ECU etc you might want to change the locks as well or if you have a problem where your radio turns off while going round corners or over a speedbump.


Piece of metal wire (must be flexible)
WD40/Grease (only if cleaning)

1) Locate your barrel lock, I'm sure you know where the barrel lock is, if not its to the right of the steering column.

(Yours will have a piece of rubber with I,II,II markings on)​

2) Next we need to get the screws out, so put the key in and turn to position 1 and then turn the wheel to expose the 2 black screws (will have covers) at each side of the wheel.

Remove those black covers to reveal the screw!

....And unscrew​

There are also 3 more screws on the bottom of the plastic surround:

So unscrew those as well​

Now your cover should be pretty loose, there are 2 clips behind where the black screws were which hold the bottom half of the cover to the top half. We only need the bottom half removed for this so just give it a pull downwards. (you wil need to remove the key again)

4) Now remove the black block with all the wires on it and the rubber circle (just pull them away from the barrel)

5) Final step, put your key back in and turn it to position I (later models used position II) and now find your piece of wire (a wire coathanger will do) and push it into the hole in the picture below:

Keep pushing it in, and your barrel will just pop out. And thats all there is to it!


Refitting is the reverse of removal except for the steering lock mechanism, before you put the barrel back in there is a small bridge inside the barrel (the barrel that your barrel came out of:p) its about halfway down the length of the barrel and comes up from the bottom. Grab a screwdriver and press down on top of it, it will click when it reaches the bottom then your good to put the barrel back in.

Radio Problems

If you have a problem with your radio turning off when going round corners, speed bumps etc. Your problem is that your barrel lock is loose inside the barrel it sits in. To solve this you need to jam something between them to stop them moving (I used a staple).

Shown in that picture is the stable jammed between the barrels, not the most elegant of solutions but it works:thumbs_up:

Cost: Nothing providing you have the tools

Any more questions just ask:thumbs_up:

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I needed to do this to remove broken barrel and replace with new one. Instructions were brilliant and everything went well. I now have the new barrel but cannot refit it. The problem is that when I depress the 'bridge' half way down the barrel it keeps popping back up. Any suggestions? Am I simply not pushing it far enough down? I can get it to lock in the closed position simply by turning the steering wheel to locked position. But there doesn't seem to be an equivalent way of locking it in open position. Can anyone help?
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