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This tutorial should help you remove your rear trim On a Vauxhall Corsa C. It's an easy process, but can take a while.

T40 for rear seat bracket mount
T25 for various screws in mount
T50 for seatbelt screw
Ratchet(Only thing what would let me use my T50 bit)
Electric screwdriver (Optional)
Spare blue trim clips, about 18p from Vauxhall. They break easy but none have broke on me yet.

Steps (Step 1, 2, 3, 4 etc)
Each step must be as descriptive as possible and pictures must be included where necessary.

Step 1

Here you can see a very messy boot and on the left the rear trim. Push your seats forwards like mine to make more room for yourself. I suggest you remove your boot light now, you will need to take it out anyway and you might get a nasty burn like me otherwise:p

Step 2

Open the flap which houses the bracket for the rear seats and attach your T40 bit to your screwdriver, screw both of these out and put the bracket and the screws to one side

Step 3

Remove the 4 torx screws here with your T25 bit.

Step 4

Next I remove the trim at the bottom here. Again use your T25 bit and put to oneside.

Step 5

Get your ratchet (Or if you have a screwdriver what can hold the T50 bit) and put on the T50 bit. Take out the seatbelt bolt and push the bracket down to the end of the belt.

Step 6

Pull back the rubber strips and then begin to carefully pull out the interior trim. All you're doing here is pulling the clips out from the body, they make some noise, don't worry just be gentle ;). Place it to oneside and put on any broken clips now for late.

Picture of out trim:

Step 7

These are the last 2 screws to remove, they're T25 again and come out easy. Unhook the speaker connector and lift out the trim.

And you're done!

If you take off the otherside (same process, no boot light though) you can access the petrol flap servo if it has fallen.

Petrol servo location:

Removing the trim should let you do the following things:
  • Access Rear Speakers
  • Add/Remove Parcel Shelf Mounts
  • Access fallen petrol central locking servo
  • Get to boot light wiring

If you have tools and bits there is no cost at all. I needed a T50 bit, that cost me £4.00.

Also the blue clips as mentioned can break. They cost me 18p each.

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The T50 is essential yeah mate :). It's the seatbelt bolt, keeps the trim snug in place too!

Any kit with a T50 bit would be good ;). I know Halfords do some sort of mini kit for cheaper than that.

The clips are available from any Vauxhall parts store, just give them your reg and they'll ask you what you need :). Say you need the clips what connect the inner trim to the chassis and they'll find them ;). "Blue trim clips" I believe their name is.

I read you're replacing your speakers aswell, I did the same and discovered it's a bugger to connect the cars connectors to the speakers. I was told to get some installation tape and put it round the connectors to make it secure, I managed to get away with some careful maneuvering of the connectors and it is holding some how.

If you get stuck message me or make a post ;).

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Ha alright man cheers will pop into halfords tomorrow and see what they got to offer :), and yeah my speakers arrived today, thought I would go for the rears first, I hope they are the harder ones out of the two, because if the front ones are more annoying than the rears then I'm in for a rough ride.

And also thanks doubtless I will mess some thing up and will need a word of wisdom, appreciate it.
The rears are dead easy, I didn't even use adapters to secure them. The most annoying bit are the connectors as said :thumbs_up:.

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