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I did this because I was fitting colour coded ones. There's 2 ways to get them - spray them yourself or find someone breaking a late Tigra A in the right colour as these came standard with them.

I bought them from a breaker as I didn't fancy leaving my car without door handles for a few days. And they only cost me £10 so they're probably cheaper too.

Took me about an hour to do both. Only tools you'll need are a screwdriver and a 10mm socket.

First remove the door pocket - this is 7 screws. And the mirror cover which you have to push upwards to remove.

Then the inside door handle, the top cover pulls off revealing 2 more screws, and theres one at the bottom. If you have them you'll have to remove/disconnect the electrics but this is pretty simple.
If you have wind up windows then you need to remove the winder by using something like a bent paper clip to pull out the circlip. Or prise it off from the open end with a screwdriver.
Then take off the strip at the top of the door card, by pushing it up with a flat head screwdriver then pushing it up, making sure none of the clips get lost.
Then remove the door card its self, leaving you with this:

Then carefully remove the weather shield around the area you can see below:

You then need to remove the window guide. Do this by undoing the two bolts shown below then pulling it down and out.

Now the window track is out of the way you can get to the door handle.
First disconnect the rod that opens the door by pushing down it's seat and pushing it out to the side. If you have someone else who can help it will be easier to get them to pull the inside handle - this will lower the seat allowing you more access to take the rod out.

(Rod is the one with white on the end - you need to take it out of the green bit)

Then undo the two bolts on the back of the handle. There's a hole in the door skin to get to one of them. And pull the cover away from the back of the handle.

Now undo the two clips at the bottom of the handle and it will pull out from the outside.

Now remove the rod from the handle by holding the red clip in place and turning the rod so that it can be removed.

In true Haynes style, refitting is the reverse of removal:
1. Attatch rod to new handle
2. Place in door and screw backing plate on.
3. Attach rod to locking mechanism
4. Re-fit window track.
5. Tape up weather shield
6. Put door back together
7. Admire your new colour coded goodness

8. Have a brew/beer.

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As said, you're much better off removing them.
You'll never get it right otherwise, especially since you need to sand them smooth before you spray.
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