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How To: Remove the mirror from wing mirror
In the following tutorial you will learn how to remove the mirror from the standard corsa wing mirrors
This could be for changing the mirror, or even spraying


(The mirror was masked due to previous plan that fell through.. lol)


Torx Set
I had to use T10 & T23 as both mirrors had different sizes
Haynes guide reccomends a Wooden Wedge
however i just lightly tugged with my Hand


1) Remove the mirror from the car if you have not yet done so.

2) Remove the 2 torx screws highlighted in the picture below

3) The mirror will then pull apart however there is a connector, just unclip this

For the next step, the Haynes guide reccomends using a wooden wedge, however as i do not keep a wooden wedge in my bedroom.. i just gently tugged with my hand
4) You now need to remove the mirror from its joint, so tilt the mirror and gently slip your hand in and gently pull if done properly the mirror will just pull out

5) Clean the inside!!

Torx set : £6 (ebay)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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