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Vauxhall Corsa Se Ecoflex, 1398cc, 15 plate.

Overnight, mine was one of several cars on the street whose wing mirrors were whacked shut. My driver-side mirror glass broke off and shattered over the road.

Who, what and how much am I looking at for a replacement here?

The wing unit/case is not visibly damaged.

The rubberised backing is still there, though it appears cracked and partly damaged at the rear proximity indicator. I don't know if this is new cracking.

I see Halfords has cheap "standard" mirrors which their website says works with my reg, but they seem designed as temporary replacements, right?

Do I need to think anything about that rear proximity indicator? ie. is there any particular feature required of the glass, or is it just something that shines through? Maybe I need to test that light still actually works with no glass on?

If I need to replace that whole part that goes inside the casing (the bit with the plate and the wire connectors for the lights), as well as the glass, how much am I looking at for a garage to do that?

I don't know if the mirror is heated (the two nodes on the left?) as the car was inherited.
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