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You will need:
Screw drivers to fit your amp terminals and gains knobs.
60hz tone on CD/iPod

Preparation before you leave the house
The point of this is to match your amp to your drivers.
This will work for component speakers and subwoofers.
For components, you do this for each channel, for subs, you use the channels you bridge.
The maths part, nice and simple, if you are running multiple seakers from one channel, you add the RMS' and will have to work out the impedance depending on how you wire them. I have done a tutorial on how to work out impedance here.
On your calculator, work out the square root of (RMS X impedance), so for mine, I'll have 400w RMS with 2ohm impedance, so root(400*2) gives 28.3
This number is the Voltage you need to achieve for optimum performance.
Take your max volume (50, 62 w.e) and multiply it by 0.8, this should be where you tune it, and the maximum that you play it at to avoid distortion. You may be able to go higher, but his is a safe volume.

Now you will have your 60hz tone on a useful media platform, your tools ready and your Voltage aim.

Preparation after you leave the house
Turn your HU levels all on zero and flat.
Unplug your subs from the amp, turn all bass boost and gains down. Set your low pass filter at desired location, 80-150hz if possible, or just turn it on.
Set your multimeter to 200v AC, and plug the positive and negative probes into the channel outputs you intend to use.

Now start the tone.
Your mulitmeter may not have moved. Turn your gains up slightly and you will get a reading. This reading must match your required voltage, in my case, 28.3.
You're done! Unplug the multimeter, and plug your speakers back in, put your HU settings back to the way you like them, and you're done!

Preparation should take 10 mins, to gather info from internet sources and write down the info, along with the calculations and grabbing your tools from your neatly arranged tool box 0.o

Practical takes about 1 minute, I pressed play, and gently turn the gain up, then stopped.

Put everything back takes about 5.

Overall, you're looking at a 20 minute job. 10 if you've done it before.

I did all three amps in my car and it took half an hour.

The Bass hits better than ever before, and the gains are far below where they used to be! Do the right thing, don't abuse your audio.

If it's too quiet, you need a bigger amp, you do NOT need to turn the gains up.

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square root of the speaker's rms multiplied by the impedance. For the Fi6 speakers I have, the RMS is 70watts, and the impedance is 4 ohms. 70*4 gives 280. The root of 280 is 16.7. I have tuned my front amp to 16.7 volts. Done!

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