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It's come to my attention that people are having trouble or basically don't have a clue how to upload pictures to the forum, hopefully this can put an end to that.

From the internet
If it's a picture from a link, all you need to do is put
around the link.


Here is the link to a picture of a gold Corsa C

and here it is with the image tag on


First of all, find a host site. Photobucket, imageshack, Tinypic & Imageftw tend to be used a lot. Use whichever you find easiest.

upload your picture with the upload tool (obviously :shocked:) then select the code that looks like this

paste these codes into the message box where you'd normally post and your job's done

Hope this helps, if not feel free to pm and I'll help you as best as I can :)

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This isn't a thread to post your pictures in.
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