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This forum utilises the iTrader feedback system for all transactions carried out between members.
It is an ebay style feedback system which allows users to rate the seller/buyer/trader of a transaction they have participated in.
This provides potential buyers/sellers/traders with vital information about the person they are dealing with, and in turn will hopefully reduce the chance of bad transactions.

The following is a brief explanation of how to use iTrader and it's built in features.

Step 1
A transaction needs to have taken place in either the Trader section, or the Classifieds section.

Step 2
Locate the users profile by clicking on their username or their iTrader rating in the postbit.
Then click 'Submit feedback for........'


Step 3
You will now arrive at the submit feedback page.
Fill in all the relevant details and copy and paste the thread link of the original transaction.
Then click the submit button.


Step 4
You should now be on the feedback page of the person you left feedback for. Congratulations, you have successfully left feedback.


Repeat this for every transaction you make.

iTrader stats in member profile:
This allows users to view their own or other people's iTrader feedback/stats.

iTrader extras (Located from the dropdown box in the Navbar):

iTrader Mainpage

This contains;
  • iTrader stats for the site in general
  • Recent Ratings
  • Top Traders
  • Hall of shame (lowest rated traders)
Find a...(Buyer or Seller)

The ability for users to have an option for "What they want to buy" and "What they are selling", which allows for the following:
  • A page where they can edit these fields.
  • A "Find A Customer" page that matches what they are selling with what someone is buying
  • A "Find A Seller" page that matches what they are buying with what someone is selling.
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