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So after many trial and error occasions with this stuff I thought I would post up some helpful tips that's I learnt along the way to save anyone the time and effort I went through lol.

Firstly make sure that your car is cleaned. Properly! If it isn't the stuff will peel off! I wouldnt bother farting around with the little bottle of cleaner it comes with, just give it a good jet wash and scrub down.

What it doesn't say is that it will stain your paint work and wheels. So make sure you have something to wipe off the excess. I found a clean old towel works great.

The goal is to apply it so it doesn't streak or bubble. Whatever you do make sure it doesn't bubble! If you let it foam up and let it dry it looks absolutely shit!

When you are ready to apply, shake well and then press the sponge onto the plastic you are trying to dye, make sure you feel and hear the end click. This means the fluid is going to release into the sponge.

Once this is happened make sure you pull back and LIGHTLY brush it on along the plastic. It will take longer but it has less chance to foam up. If you press too hard it will release too much dye and it will start to foam. If it starts to foam and bubble up, take your towel wipe the foam off the sponge and use the sponge to spread the foam streak on the plastic to blend it in.

It isn't a case of adding a layer, stop, add a layer. Generally speaking this stuff dries super quick like no more than 30 seconds. Don't be afraid to keep going over the same patch lightly if there are lighter patches.

Also make sure you wipe off the excess straight away. As long as you got a towel close by to wipe off the excess. Dont be afraid to get some on the paint to get all the edges just don't leave it on the paint work too long or it will take you longer to clean off.

Lastly a little tip. If you find that the dye is not coming out tap it on the plastic twice. Any more you run the risk of it flooding out everywhere!

Sorry there are no pictures but I will post a results picture when it stops raining. :thumbs_up:
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