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How to work out your MPG (properly)

What you need
  1. £££
  2. To not need your mile counter

Step One
Go to your favourite petrol station and brim the tank to the top

Step Two
Re-set your mile counter

Step Three
Drive around for as long as you want, and when you next fill up, brim to the top again.

Step Four
Pay by card or ask for a receipt, this is because most receipts will look like this:

Which shows you how many litres you used, and how much it was. Otherwise take note from the pump.

Step Five
Note down the number on your mile counter, this is the number of miles since you last filled up and now.

Step Six
You now have the number of litres (if it was not on the receipt, divide the total price by the price of petrol, eg. 53.54 / 1.279 = 41.86) and the number of miles covered.

Step Seven
Enter the data into here you only need to enter step one and two


Use this ridiculous formula.

Number of gallons:
g = l * 0.21996 (Where g is gallons and l is litres)

MPG = Miles since previous fill up / g

41.86*0.21996 = 9.2075256
368/9.2075256 = 39.96

Have fun!

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Always wanted to work this out.


( 18.94 MPG) ( 6.7 Km per litre)( 14.9253 litre per 100Km)
Averaging 33.33 pence per mile
(40+ mpg for petrol is good under 23 is bad)
So 12000 miles would cost £3999.50

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Worst 13.66, best 22.32
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