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Spotted an alfa in allparts scrappies in bonnybridge so i said to a mate as i knew he was after a petrol cap. So we took a trip up the other day, Took the petrol cap and he needed a rear window regulator aswell for the leccy windows. So mastermind me set about stripping everything to get the doorcard off.

I undid a few bolts, spend a good wee while trying to flick the circlip out of the window winders. It really should of clicked then that if i was undoing a clip on a window winder that the car doesnt have electric windows therefore no regulator.

But nope, got the clip off, got the rest of the bolts undone and there was a bit i couldnt get so my mate just ripped the whole thing off.

It was then we realised it had manual windows :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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