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Hi Guys

I have a 2007 Corsa D 1.2 SXI

For the past few months i have been having some issues with ignition. After a nights rest or after a day at work i go to startup my car. Put in the key, turn it and the car 90% of the time keeps on cranking trying to startup. I have uploaded a video i took at random

Corsa D 1.2sxi 2007 ignition issue - YouTube (PUT VOLUME UP TO HEAR IT PLEASE)

In this instance after cranking very strangely it started up... but other times it keeps on cranking on and on an on. Then if i turn the key all the way back and try to startup again it starts up with no problem at all.. Any advise on what i shuld do or what it could be.


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All I could tell from the video was what you already know,the car should start better than this!
The problem lies in one one of the fundemental areas,either fuel delivery is wrong , ignition spark is absent,weak or is wrongly timed, or the engine has poor compression. The cranking noise doesnt help diagnosis in this case.As long as its cranking the engine over at a reasonable pace the problem lies elsewhere. It needs diagnostic checking out by a mechanic to find the underlying reason the engine is not starting .If the cranking is developing 'oribble noises it may be the months of over - use has caused mechanical problems with the starter motor

Sorry if this is a bit of a non answer,maybe others can help more specifically.

But can someone reassure me that my posts are actually appearing to everyone else? For the last few weeks the site appears to have gone weird. My membership and all my past posts occassionally drop off the site completely and although my posts later reappear and I can apparently log- on again and make more posts no one has actually responded to any of mine for some time.I appreciate that none may have been worthy of comment but I'm beginning to wonder if its only me that sees them.:(
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