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Corsa sxi cdti 1.3 2007.
On Thursday I drove into my sisters drive, ran into her house for 5 mins and when back to the car to go home. The car was unlocked so I just got in however when I turned the key nothing happened at all. Not even the sound of the fuel pump coming alive, no turn over, nothing. Previous to it stopping there had not been any lights come on (apart from an airbag light that had been on for a while as I hard braked one time and need to get this reset, but no new lights). I did notice that they key didn’t make any lock/open sound for a couple attempts. But then it did work.
My partner came over later and when he put the key in it started? So I drove it again that day with no issues. The next morning it done the same to me and didn’t do anything when key was turned. 2 mins later my partner sat in it and it started straight away??
Drove the car 6 miles to my sister and it worked. Drove another 3 miles to Tesco and it started then I drove another 2 mins, parked and went into a shop. When I came back 10 mins later it was dead again. No lights had appeared on dash before it died.
So I tested the battery with a tester and its fine, plenty of charge. I had thought maybe the alternator was going as I had been getting a small whine off the belt next to it. My dad came with his car to connect to his battery anyway but this done nothing. But again there was no ticking over of the engine or any attempt from car to start.
Some guy came over to help and he thinks it may be the starter? But I have had no turn over sound at all its completely immobilised. It would not come back to life this time, not even with the partner giving it a go. So I was towed back home to start the long process of figuring this out.
So when I put the key in and turn its not making any noise at all and is completely immobilised. The engine light is now on and so is the car and spanner light, this is flashing.
Last night (Sunday) I unattached the car battery and changed the batter in the key, in the hope this may sort it out but after connecting it back up this morning its still not attempting to do anything.
I have checked all the fuses under the bonnet and they seem fine.
I have read the manual and ordered a new fuel filter just in case there is water in the fuel filter and this has tripped the immobiliser but I am running out of ideas now.
Although the car is not making any real sound or attempt at starting, if I stick my head right in the engine bay I can hear a slight ticking noise when the key is turned...near to fuse box.
Any suggestions welcome.
Thanks Lizzy

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Welcome to the Forum.

As NOTHING seems to be working, this is a good sign (yes, really) as it probably makes the fault easier to locate.
It sounds to me as if there is a poor electrical connection that is causing your problem.
I would start with e main connections from the battery, as if there is nothing getting past there, then nothing will work.
As you have already had the battery disconnected, it is unlikely to be the actual battery terminals, but it is still worth re-checking them.
Start by disconnecting the battery negative (-ve) or earth terminal, leaving this disconnected for safety and putting it back last of all.
Check the other end of the earth cable, disconnect it, clean the terminal (and the area that it connects to) and put it back on.
Have a look at the 'live' (positive +ve) terminal and do the same to the two brown wires that connect to it.
If there is still no joy, you need to trace all of the main wires, disconnecting, cleaning and putting them back on as you go along.

I'm just a little suspicious about the battery, I know that you say you have tested it, but batteries need to be tested under load - even in poor condition, a battery CAN show something like 12 volts, but this can fall well below the minimum 9.5 volts when it is cranking the engine on the starter. So, open circuit voltage doesn't really mean much.
Do let us know how you go on, if there is still a problem, we can take another look, knowing that the basics are OK.

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