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Hello, I combed trough this and other corsa forums with no luck of finding or understanding what I really need so I finally buckled and created a profile to ask for help directly, so thank you in advance and sorry if I'm breaking any rule I'm not aware of.

So, I recently bought and completely sorted 2001 Corsa C 1.7 DI and it's awesome, it does it's job wonderfully. Only problem I have left is that indicator or key in ignition buzzer is not working.
Every now and then, it would come back to life and work as it should, I can hear indicators, and it beeps when I open door with key in, but then it dies again.

I can't for the life of me figure out what or where exactly is this buzzer or even if it is a buzzer that's the problem.

One guy said that it's a relay in fuse box, one said that it's in a dashboard. I read so many conflicting posts so I can only assume that I'm not understanding something right.

So where is it?
Is it integrated or is it plug and play?
Do I need to change a dashboard or not?

Thank you in advance!
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