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I have two questions for those who are familiar with this engine model And especially to those who know Car vacuum system.

about which pressure Created in the inlet manifold during full throttle is open ?
and All vacuum Pipes, Is there any pipe His suction pressure goes up (Rising) As the rpm goes up ?
And when There is no pressure in the inlet (close throttle) - there is no pressure in that vacuum pipe...

Thanks in advance for any help, Aditi

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I'm not quite sure that I understand the question, but unless there is a turbo on it, there will never be any positive pressure in the inlet manifold.
At idle speed, the inlet manifold vacuum will be at its greatest.
When the throttle is fully open, there will be hardly any vacuum in the manifold.
It is possible to obtain vacuum with a venturi in the inlet -that would produce a vacuum when the throttle was wide open.

I hope that this may be of SOME help.

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