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This one is for the fuel injection boffins. My daughter-in-law has a Corsa B series 1.4 with about 240k kilos on it.
It has an intermittent fault. It gets a bad miss, not just running on 3 cylinders but feels like its running on just one or 2. Almost undriveable.
At the same time, there is a strong smell of petrol.
Sometimes it clears if you change down and rev it hard, sometimes not. No real pattern as to when it occurs.
When it does run, it goes just fine. Revs cleanly with plenty power..
Checked fuel pressure with a proper test gauge and it's fine. Replaced fuel pump relay. New fuel filter, new plugs and new fuel pressure regulator.
Tested with replacement plug leads. All no joy.
My next suspects would be crank position sensor or coil pack. But there are 2 issues with that. First, can those items actually fail "intermittently" and, second why does neither of those items show up on a fault diagnosis ??
I find no faults at all with my own Autel diagnostic tool and, just in case, I had the dealers run it through their factory diagnostic tester. Same result; no faults at all.
Do you have any ideas for me ?
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