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It may be 2am.. and I may have work at 8am, but I have finally sussed the SQL on the new site and am pleased to say all products have been moved across. There are still a few niggles. As I had to use an old SQL database from the original site, some of the products are now out of date and some of the newer products are not on there.

I'll be working through all products asap to rectify any errors.

Please post up any problems you find.. such as descriptions not displaying correctly and/or images not displaying as you browse the site (either a link or the last 3 digits of the url eg... _id=802

put id=802

The site should load a lot quicker than the old phpnuke site and also i've managed to get the PayPal Direct Payment module installed and working.. basically you don't need a paypal account to buy using a credit card, just input details and away you go!


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