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hey guys. First off, I couldn't really find a category for this, but as it has wires I've gone for electrics :laugh:

Anyway, I've got a RCL kit, with a blank blade in the fob. I had that cut (to confirm I had bought the right blank, I checked it fitted in the keyhole, even though it didn't turn - obviously) and now the key is okay to operate the doors, boot and locking GB. However (even with the transponder being transplanted) it won't turn the ignition.

It seems, in fact, that the pin pattern is located further down the barrel for the ignition, than it is on the locking barrels. After some close inspection, it appears my theory was correct, as the original-ish (one that came with the car) key sits out from the cylinder when using the locks, but sits flush against the cylinder when used in the ignition. However, the new key sits fluch against the locks, so can't get deep enough to turn the ignition

Obviously, I want to only have one key on my keyring, so I wondered if anybody had had the same problem before, and how to overcome it. Is there a way to reposition the ignition barrel, or to extend the blade etc? It's literally a difference of about 3-5mm by sight.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the ramble.:)
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