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Hi All,

New to this forum, decided I would give it a go asking you guys what you thought before I took it to a garage to get checked out.

My corsa 1.2 makes a loud knocking noise when travelling at low speeds, you can't hear it however once it gets above about 30mph? (approx), when the car is actually stationary if you slightly rock it from side to side you can hear the rattling/knocking then.. it seems to come from the passengers side.

Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated!
Thanks all.

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Welcome to the Forum.

This could be due to several things, but start with the simple ones, like checking that the wheel bolts are tight.
If you have a pair of car ramps, I would suggest that you then get the front end on them.
From how you describe this, you probably need the weight of the car to be on the wheels in order to diagnose the problem. (As opposed to being jacked up and 'wheels free')

Once the car is on the ramps, you need an assistant in the driving seat to 'shake' the steering wheel a few degrees in each direction.
At the time when the steering is being shaken, have a look under the car to see if there is any 'lost' motion in the track rod ends, or if there is any movement in the bottom joints, check also for things like broken suspension spring(s).

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