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Two quick questions:

I have been fitting a remote central locking upgrade kit and i only need to wire in the flashing lights when it locks/unlocks. I have done the right hand side (black/green wire iirc) but cannot find the left hand side wire. The black/white wire i was told to use is actually the signal for the reverse lights! If anyone knows what colour the wire is then that would be helpful.

Secondly, i have been given some 60W handling power speakers for the parcel shelf that i was going to fit, but leaving the oem rear speakers in there aswell. Would the current wiring be okay to just splice in these speakers from the wires already in there, or would that draw to much power and reduce sound quality? My head unit has an RCA output, what kind of wires would i need to buyif i was going to use that?


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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