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Ok, so found the Corsa D I loved, bought it, all hunky dory. Picked it up the Wednesday evening, was fine Thursday, came to it Friday morning...dead. :palm:

Rang up the garage, they came out put the battery booster (or whatever you call it, Im not all technical sorry) on it and it fired straight up, they thought it was an earth cable to the battery that looked loose. Took it into the garage and all was fixed, also had a faulty window switcher changed. The car then stood the Sunday & by Monday morning was dead again! Back to the garage it went, battery checked and changed blah blah blah, got it back, happened again. Vauxhaull auto-technican came out and diagnosed faulty wiring in the driver side window controls, all was re-wired. He also mentioned that the stereo was not genuine Vauxhall. I had mentioned to the mechanic that the number 9 button was staying lit up when the engine was off and car locked but he said if any drain on the battery this would be minor and not effect it, which I can only believe? And anyway it was a factory radio that I planned on changing soon anyway so didnt concern me.

Anyway, all was done as the Vauxhall tech said needed doing and then I got it back and after one day stood guess what....DEAD! AGAIN!! :mad: Another unhappy call to the garage and it went in again. The diagnosis this time? The radio WAS causing a drain on the battery so they have now removed it to see if it helped. They kept it a couple of days untouched and it started fine so I got it back. Now, we have been a week, no radio and everything has been fine BUT I have also noticed they have disconnected the lights underneath my headlights. These previously came on as soon as I put the key into ignition, now nothing. Even when turning on my full lights, nothing. The other wierd thing is that when I do turn on my side or full lights the dash lights go off.. why is thissss?!

Please someone, anyone, any advice? I have a funny feeling its the lights that have caused the problem, surely a radio cant cause all those issues?! And as for it not being genuine how would this effect it?? That's like saying if I went and purchased another radio it wouldn't work because it was made by Vauxhall?

Its been a week now and I'm due to call the garage to arrange a new radio to be fitted as they think they have solved the problem because it hasn't happened since but with the lights been disconnected too, maybe this is why? I'm planning on getting them to re-connect the lights back up and leave another week before agreeing to anything but like I've said previous any advice?! I'm not prepared to have those lights not working, what's the point of them being there if they don't work?! :confused:

Sorry for any repetitiveness, vetting my frustration at the keyboard!

Thanks in advance,

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Welcome to the Forum.

You are doing the right thing by keeping pressure up on the people who sold you the car, it is THEIR responsibility to sort out the problem, not yours.
It might be a good idea to keep a written record of all that they claim to have done and all of the problems that they have caused (like the daytime running lights). Do this whilst it is fresh in your mind and make sure that you record the dates on when things were done or other problems occurred.
If things don't get sorted, then take your written record and visit either your local Citizens Advice Bureau or your local Council's Trading Standards Department.

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