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Hi Folks,

I would be grateful if somebody can give me advice about lockable wheel bolts.

Without going into details I suspect that my daughter has had one of her wheels swapped with a worn old tyre so I ordered some lockable wheels nuts off e-bay.

They duly arrived and I fitted them to her wheels. I did compare the lockable bolts to the original bolts and, to my untrained eye, they appeared very similar. The thread length was slightly longer but did not appear to foul anything at the rear of the brake disc. The original has a cone shape from the thread to the bottom of head as does the new one, but I don't know if the angle is the same. The only difference I can see is that the original has a flange at the bottom of the head which makes contact with the wheel when tightened. The new bolt grips the wheel 2/3rds the way up the cone.

The reason for asking for advice is because some of the other sellers , in their blurb, were stating that similar looking bolts were for aftermarket alloy wheels. Others were saying for alloys and steel wheels. All advertised bolts are M12 x 1.5. So I am a bit confused. Are all wheel bolts for any one car model the same size and interchangeable?


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