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Maintenance of hair

The hair for the kidney, blood Rong, hair growth and shedding, moist and dry, and the kidney and blood gas and related. To observe the human hair, can roughly understand their health conditions. After lunch, and then use 5 minutes to comb the hair. According to the morning method again, to activate the head blood, continue to stimulate the head acupoint. Before going to sleep at night, then use 10 minutes according to the method of hair front lace wigs uk, including Lushan face pull the ear neck hold, the head acupoint get more effective stimulation and active.

However, the evening to hair movement can despise retardation, eyes closed, put aside all the mind distracting thoughts, the right to make before going to bed head massage exercises, so that more high sleep feeling better, quality.

Maintenance of hair buy lace front wigs
Now more and more people are in pay attention to hair maintenance. So how do these maintenance, first of all to look at Beijing, Beijing skin disease hospital alopecia expert outpatient service Doctor Chen to introduce the hair care of several major errors: 1: always use a hair dryer hair contains water down to below 10%, hair will become rough, bifurcation, and often use the hair dryer hair dryer the consequences would be.
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