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Complete low mileage C20LET engine with ecu, loom, manifolds, turbo, clutch, flywheel, radiator, airbox, pipework, intercooler. It already has the single vee alternator and power steering pulley so ideal for a transplant if you're not cool enough to have a Calibra. £950

Video of engine running

C20LET tall engine, done 84k from Cav Turbo. Excellent runner. Consists of block and head timed up with all internals, oil pump, water pump and sump. No ancillaries £500

Reconditioned Coscast cylinder head, brand new hydraulic lifters, valve springs, valve stem seals, all valves reseated, brand new nuts and bolts & all de coked £350

Bottom end consisting of block, crank, rods, pistons, oil/water pump, sump. £400

Bits from this picture...

Distributor complete with cap, hall sensor and rotor arm £40
KKK16 turbo with brand new forge turbo actuator & also brand new penny valve and lever on turbo £250
Bailey dump valve with silicone hose £50
3" TX Autosport downpipe, cost £179 new, yours for £140
C20LET wiring loom £125
Stainless steel oil cap £20
C20LET fuel rail with regulator £20
C20LET AFM £60
Evo 6 front mounted intercooler with hard piping £70
Polished throttle body inside and out (enlarged and reworked), not very old £80

C20XE inlet cam & C20XE exhaust cam plus, this brand new vernier pulley


Brand new C20XE/C20LET fuel rail blanking plate


C20XE/C20LET silicone breather, brand new


4x brand new boxed Bosch 0280150558 green injectors


C20LET EDS/Regal phase 3 board and power wheel kit. brand new unopened


Phase 2 C20LET ecu


Z20LET injectors (ideal C20LET upgrade) £45

2x sets of Magnecore KV85 8.5mm ignition leads

£80 per set

XE/LET Head stud kit. Re-usable. Cost £120 new, yours for £60

Polished oil cap, fits 8v, XE, LET, 8v smallblock etc...


FSE adjustable fuel pressure regulator with pipework


3" tophat


Baileys DV26 from above picture, with silicone hose £50 Got one in black too for same price.

KKK16 Turbo with upgraded actuator, excellent condition


Stainless AFM to turbo pipe with joiners


Cone filter above £10


If you need any standard parts not listed, just ask

Brand new genuine Bosch C20XE/C20LET idle control valve

Standard C20LET ecu £125

KKK16 exhaust elbow


F28 rear mount


Brand new Gates cambelt kit, square tooth, boxed, with rollers and tensioner


C20LET inlet cover, un-cut


3x complete distributors with caps, rotor arms and hall sensors

£30 each

C20LET bosch yellow injectors £40
Black plastic spark plug cover £10
Airbox £15
AFM to turbo pipe £10
Ignition coil £20

No offers thanks
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