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The car is well looked after having frequent oil and filter changes. It has covered 105k miles but honestly still runs sweet.

Here is a list of all of the mods that i have made to the car and how much they have cost
me, just to help give you some idea of the reason for the price that i am asking.


Rieger bodykit: £420
Respray in Peugeot Aegean blue: £700
17" wheelmania wheels and Nankang tyres: £500
Smoked Lexus rear lights: £100
NEW blue tinted headlights: £ 15
M3 mirrors: £ 40
Spoiler: £ 40
Chrome exhaust tip: £ 20


Blue racing seat covers: £ 30
JVC CD player: £ 60
Colour matched interior parts: £100
Steering wheel lock: £ 50

£2075 + 40 hours of labour + original car price.

Just for your information the addition of the bodykit and wheels to my insurance company
made no difference to my payments.

Pic of Front

Pic of Rear

Thanks for looking :thumbs_up:

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Here you go scottnybottny, posted your first pic for you - couldn't get second one to load.

Still remembered my log in details to CC before i found out it was s***e.

Nice looking motor by the way - good luck with the sale


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fibre glass is the prefered method to give you strength, then filler over the top to give the smooth finish
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