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Hi all,

I had to replace the clutch cable on my 1 litre Corsa recently. Bizarrely, the spare I kept (clutch cables snapping on me with that car is unfortunately a relatively common occurence :palm:) was quite different from the one which snapped, particularly on the threaded end that goes onto the clutch actuator rod (not sure about the technical term here :laugh:), coming in a bit short, therefore not allowing me to set the tension to the right amount to keep the pedal where it should be.

I rang EuroCarParts (I had bought the spare from CarParts4Less), they ordered a replacement one (cable #3) with the exact same part number, and that one turned out to be identical to the one which had snapped. Since I wanted a spare one, I asked the guy at my local branch to order me another one - and I was quite surprised when the spare one turned out to be identical to cable #2 (the one which was a bit short on the threaded end).

After showing them my (broken) cable - let's call it cable #1 - the (very helpful) guy at ECP then rang his head office and ordered a few more cables with the same part number, and they all turned out to be identical to cable #2!! :laugh::laugh:

The ECP guy, almost as puzzled as myself, then told me that he couldn't do anything else other than reimburse me, and suggested I should look on eBay for suitable cables. After having a quick look on eBay, I came across a large variety of cables, including some which have a different end on the pedal side, instead of a flat termination part, they have one which goes in at an angle, such as this Quinton Hazell QCC1399:

The eBay listing does not really state whether this cable would be compatible with my 1-litre Corsa, but I was just wondering if any of you have encountered similar experiences with these cables? This curved end seems like it would sit on the pedal a bit better than all the cables I had before, potentially reducing the amount of snapped cables I have :).

I was going to try out my local motor factors, but they seem to be closed for holidays, so eBay seems to be my only hope, now...

Thanks for any advice you might be able to give me ;)
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