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due to a sudden sump issue on my subaru, my beloved Corsa is now up for sale...

v reg 99-00
106k Miles
TAX till feb
MOT till july
New head gasket last september
Incredible history log including all work carried out big or small
Very reliable car

List of bits on it, hence price. will put an individual price next to them in case i break it:

Lowered 70mm rear 40mm front on coilovers
Drivers footwell neon
Bucket seats £80
ABM Halo headlights £50 (also have stock £10)
L.e.x.u.s rears £15 (also have stock (£5)
debadged grill
debadged boot
cav slabs £100 good tyres (also have steelies £20) brill tyres)
12" digital designs sub with amp all already fitted £150
smoked sidelights
glowing crystal blue gear knob lol
heko wind deflectors £15

pics will follow

the gear knob, but in blue:

any questions just ask or PM me

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Should put up a for sale thread with parts for sale. People aren't going to look here for parts
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