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Bought my Corsa before I passed my test but all i did was sit inside it and make car noises and pretend to drive it :laugh: I bought it for £1000!

Then off came the rear badges, side badges and bump strips!

Then Lowering springs got slapped on.

Bad Idea:

Then came my alloys, along with a smashed passengers window

I then changed my normal springs back on cos I always have passengers in the back so the arches started rubbing and the noise it produced was VERY annoying!!

and then i left it as it is now but ive got a crack on my window screen and need to get that sorted out next!

Future mods (depending if i sell it for a Glanza)

Going euro style and a 2.0 lump in when i build my no claims up!!

Thats it really!!:)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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