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not got a clue really how much the respray would cost, although you could spray it yourself, but maybe thats out the question perhaps.

i wouldnt personally de-badge it but thats just me

de-grille yeah go for it and get an Irmscher badge on a slotted grille

yeah deffo lower it

as for the dashboard lights they can be changed easily, buy a set of coloured led's from off ebay and (i dont know personally) but can be changed easily enough how to do it, just ask on here and someone will help

agree with flamered_5dr, alloys should be the next step, i'd go for a light colour i.e. white/silver etc to contrast against the red, looks good imo and also tint out the rear windows.

maybe also change the headlights to either depo's or even angel eye projectors, depends how drastic you want the front end to look etc

having said all that though, at the end of the day its your choice, each to their own
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