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ok, so i brought my corsa b 1.4 16v sport about 3 weeks ago, just been in the garage to have new cambelt, water pump, and to investigate a slight rattling noise from engine, they found out it was the bottom end, had big end shells replaced......i didnt think it was bottom end as it wasnt getting any worse and i couldnt quite hear where the noise was coming from exhaust was to loud.

just got it back.... its not as bad as b4, but slightly after 4000 revs its still there, they didnt bother sending the crank away to be done, as i said i would just sell it..... BUT now i cant be bothered to sell it, so i'm either going to replace it with another 1.4 16v engine i have sourced, or put the 1.6 16v engine in.

will the 1.6 16v engine go straight in? loom?

as a former peugeot lover i know nothing about vauxhalls, any help would be great.

i'm not interested in getting my engine sorted, as my garage said from the looks of it its been thrashed and not looked after. btw my current engine is only on 99k.....:mad:
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