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I'm currently looking for the following parts:
- Pair of front seats only from a Vectra B GSi (recaro), with runners
- 4 stud alloys, non-chavvy, such as Cavalier GSi alloys (slabs), Speedline Alessio or maybe some tidy aftermarket wheels like Oz Superturismo, Compomotive etc... either without tyres, or with tyres suitable for a Corsa C. Don't mind doing a refurb
- Lowering springs suitable for Corsa C van (not a combo type van)
- Aftermarket backbox suitable for 1.2 Corsa C van (not a combo type van). Not too large!
- Calibra/Cav V6 engine mount, non aircon type
- Calibra cream leather interior
- Vectra B steering wheel, 3 spoke, with controls
- Alpine patch lead for the above steering wheel
- Vectra door handles in North Cape metallic
- Calibra Irmscher kit, the type with the deep front splitter, not the smaller one that dips in the middle. May consider part of a kit.
- V6 tuning goodies - eg Enlarged throttle body
- Calibra strut brace suitable for V6

I also need help on the following bits of my project:
- Bleeding brakes. I hate doing this.
- Fitting the Vectra B steering wheel, along with airbag squib and steering wheel controls. I have a how-to guide. I just get frustrated with the squib side of things!

Will swap or p/x for any of the many things I'm selling such as engines, gearboxes, tuning bits, wheels, suspension, Irmscher bits, brake upgrades, VXR bits, headunits, ICE, tyres, body panels, spoilers, skirts, etc... I have LOADS of stuff not even listed!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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