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HI There

I am a new user here and just have a question.

I just bought a new 17 Plate Corsa Ecoflex (Corsa E i think). I really like it but on the computer the options are: Trip 1, Trip 2, Speedometre. Also pressing menu gives Tyre pressure, Oil, weight and Units. I liked in my previous corsa (Corsa D) the option for MPG as when i filled it up i could see roughtly how many miles i could get in the tank but the new one has the bar at the top with bars going down which is fine and will get used to.

Is there a way to get into the menu to add the MPG if it has it?

Am really liking the car and went from a 5 door to a 3 door so getting used to that as well. Only had the car less than a week.

Many Thanks

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