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Hi all, recently signed up to the site so thought it'd be a good idea to post some pictues up :)

The modifications I have done so far are:

Lowered 80mm front/60mm rear with uprated shocks
Front upper strut brace
K&N panel filter with drilled airbox
De-cat with powerflow centre section and Rage backbox
Laguna splitter
Tigra scuttle panel
Steinmetz replica sideskirts
Mesh front grill (considering changing to slated one though)
Vectra alloys with TR1's

Planned modifications:

Rear strut braces (upper and lower)
VX inlet
Carbon fiber bonnet (still debating)
4-1 manifold
Back box that fits properly as its a universal one atm :palm:
Calibra interior
Nice shiny engine bay

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That's lovely and clean. Love the rear, although I've never liked them mudflaps, much prefer the standard ones.

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I think some satin black bbs splits with chrome bolts would look awesome on this!

Although it looks great as is!
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