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I know there's been several threads about this over the last year and VOSA have been dragging their heels about the changes, but as of today they've added the following to the check items with more to be added at a later date also.

Airbag lights
Traction control lights
HID wash & levellers (where fitted)
Main beam tell tail (dash light)
Electrical wiring & connectors
Trailer electrical socket security & damage
Operation of 13 pin trailer sockets
Operation of steering lock
Power steering warning lamps
Electronic park brake warning lamps
Traction control switch
Brake fluid warning light illuminated or not working T
yre pressure monitoring systems
sSt's components inc seat belt per tensionersE
ngine & gearbox mountings
Indirect vision devices.

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go to places that do the local authority vehicles. they only charge for the actual MOT, nothing more.

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who actually takes there car to the mot garage anyway :shocked:
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