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Hi guys, first of all seasons greeting to everyone. Now I bought my first car in September, a mighty fine 2001 Corsa 1.0 12v. The missus test drove the car and it worked fine, we was told it needed a new CV joint, no biggy. Whilst the car was sat doing nothing I would start it up every other day to keep the battery alive, me being an idiot started it for 5 mins then turned it off, thus knackering the battery. So the car pretty much sat doing nothing til Monday. I passed my test on the 11th and thought I'd get the garage to come and pick it up and get it sorted, it had a slow punny on the drivers side too. They jump started the car and drove to the garage.

Now yesterday I popped in as they said they was having a few issues.

The car will not start, nadda. New battery is on but it will not start. Now they are mechanics so they have obviously tried everything to sort it but they are stumped, so the ECU is being sent off for testing.

The car had a musty niff to it, they guys have deduced that where the brake servo ( I think ) is attached to the bulkhead it corrodes, apparently a common fault for this model. The guys showed me the standing water in the rear footwell, and there was freaking loads.

They also mentioned a niff ( electrical ) coming from behind the radio when they drove it to the garage, also the power steering had intermittent faults.

So given this set of faults do you clever Corsa bods maybe know what the issue is, or had a similar issue which you fixed?

Also, the car cost me £450 ( I haggled him down from £800 ). The service is £130, new battery £45, to fix the seal is £150. You can see where I'm going here, do you guys know what the ECU checks prices are, also is the car at a point of being economically unviable?, or is a quick easy bish bash bosh, get these bits done and the car will last me a good few years?.

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Welcome to the Forum.

If you have a look at the section of the Forum which is headed 'Interior Exterior', you will see a whole lot of stuff about the rain water leak into the footwell, whilst you are looking at this, note some of the prices quoted for curing it! IF your garage can guarantee that their £150.00 cure will work, I would snatch their hand off.

You don't say what is preventing the car from starting now, but one possibility (and possibility is all that it could be) is that rain water has also got into the Body Control Module (BCM) on the passenger side - this normally shows up as a wet carpet on the passenger side, but it all depends upon how long and by how much it is leaking.

Of course, it IS possible that the ECU is at fault, but these things don't tend to be much of a problem UNLESS some idiot has connected the battery the wrong way round, which would probably also cook the diodes (rectifier) in the alternator.

A little more information as to why it won't start might help us to come up with a better 'guess', for example, is there fuel getting to the engine? is there a spark? or even, does it turn over on the starter?

I get a little concerned when garages can't give you reasons for things - Are these people reliable, or are they yet another cowboy outfit?

Best wishes for Christmas
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