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Hi there.

I have a P reg 5dr 1.4 8v corsa that has, a couple of times recently, not started on all cylinders. The first time it did it the other day i tried driving and the car was spluttering and jerking like when a car stalls. i turned the engine off and left it for a few minutes then it started and ran fine. halfway through my journey while the car was plodding along happily at 50mph it started jerking i pulled over and checked the oil, water etc. and all was fine. turned the key and it drove off absolutely fine. i haven't driven the car since but started it again today and it was spluttering again and vibrating. i haven't checked the condition of the ht leads or the spark plugs yet but is there likely to be another cause for the problem??? it just seemed a little odd that by turning the engine off for just a few minutes made it work fine, well temporarily anyway.

the car had recently ran very low on fuel and i filled the tank up, could it just be a bit of dirt going through the system?

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