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Hi everyone

We are now making custom exhaust systems for all makes and models of cars starting from as little as £99 inc vat fitted. All our stainless exhaust systems will come with a life time guarantee that can be transferred from owner to owner.

There is a large choice of tips to choose from and you can also choose how loud or quiet you want your exhaust to sound. We don't currently do mail order on the systems but we hope to be doing that very soon.

We are also making race systems for track cars that can give the car a slightly better performance at top end. We can also supply race cats to go with the race system.

We are selling on our web site sports cats and de-cats and will still continue to sell them on our web site. (cat pipes are made to order)

To start things off for May we are offering £50 off any sports cat pipe purchased at the same time as any exhaust system. Also save £25 on any de-cat pipe purchased with any exhaust system.

We haven't got any pics at the moment but there will be some of the boxes and tips soon.

For mare information or quotes please call us on 01606 784917, Email us on [email protected] or drop us a pm and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Northwest Performance
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