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OK all

I have a problem and I would like some help diagnosing it if anyone can help.

There are big pieces of black gungey oil in my header tank. The water is still clear and looks clean. I’ve had to top up the oil a little bit over the last month twice - but only a bit each time. Usually the car never loses oil at all between oil changes.

When I remove the oil filler cap on top of the rocker cover to look inside the rocker box, all is clean apart from the thin film of oil on the cam that is supposed to be there. Everything there looks normal.

Also, I’m not losing water and don’t have to top it up.

I think it may be the oil cooler that has failed. I’m not really sure if it’s the head gasket.

Any thoughts on confirmation of a failed oil cooler, or even a possible head gasket anyone?

How can I tell if it is the oil cooler or the head gasket?


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Can you give us a clue as to what model we are talking about please?

If the oil cooler is of 'oil to air' type, rather than 'oil to coolant', I don't see how the cooler could be causing the problem, surely, it would just drip on the floor.

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