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2004 1.2 Design

Turn ignition on when cold and all lights flash on and off and a clicking noise can be heard under the bonnet which seems to eminate from the fuse/relay box and the throttle body. Car then refuses to start immediately but after turning ignition on and off a few times, it will start. It then starts no prob when warm????

Engine is quiet when cold and runs fine when hot (just been on motorway and never missed a beat), but when idling at operating temp oil light comes on and then extinguishes at 1000 revs and engine sounds "tappetty".

When I got the car, the oil temp unit in the engine block was kaput so I've fitted a new one. I've also fitted a new cam position sensor as a plug in stated the old one was u/s.

I'm also getting the mayo in the rocker top but the heater works/no oil in the water/not losing water/no water on dipstick?????

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