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once to protest Haircut rules

Bureau of Education: the school rules to identity attitude Heshan City Bureau of education official Deng Guohua said, in hair management the Bureau of education and did not insist, schools school in seeking the views of parents make, the Heshan in since its inception requires students to not stay long hair glueless full lace wigs, Heshan more than eighty percent of the schools have the provisions.

Deng Guohua said that the girls love beauty he can understand, but stay long hair need to spend time and energy to take care of, the provisions of the short hair cut is conducive to the students' lives and learning, but also get many parents agree, so the Education Bureau for this provision is still a positive attitude.

In fact, students in Heshan has more than once to protest buy glueless lace wigs Haircut rules. According to Heshan, a graduate of the Zhang Tongxue material, 00 years in Heshan, there are about 10 boys collective cut their heads, and the consequences of this action is that the school more than a rule not to cut bald.
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