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Hey all i have an opel Combo 1.7D for my work. It is modification to a refrigerator.
I bought it 2 months ago.

I have noticed almost from day 1 that has not the power it should have. I know that having it a refrigerator it takes up much of the power(like having air conditioned), plus the cargo that is more or less at 400 Kiloes.

So i got the idea to put on it a turbo loader.

Has anyone else done something similar before?
Is it a good move to do so?
Any idea how much that will cost and what i should look for to buy?

PS. I have found an turbo engine at a good prize i think with this S/N on it
X17d1l14290252. I contacted Opel but they dont know anything about it. From what i can understand its an 1.7D engine, i saw the turbo on it but it will fit my car?

Sorry for the bombard of the questions, but i need a good start up advice to think on it as better as i can, as it is for work, and in Greece atm we cant afford any financial mistakes...

All this is a go to do, cause car will work better, as it will have more power on it, plus i will save fuel as it will not hurt to work so much.

Thank you all.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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