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I am trying to explain the history here and the current, so please bear with me...

I have noticed that my steering shakes a little bit when slowing down. I was told that the brake discs have a certain life time. I know my brake pads are more or less 2 years old and if i see , it looks like they are half way worn.
I am no expert but I do know what the meat on the pad looks like.

For a while maybe say 6 months i have noticed that my car has a stop-go stop-go feeling when i apply the brakes. Al most like a bicycle ride with your brakes dont catch the rim well.
When i release i dont feel it , i just feel smooth sailing.

I just had my head taken in to engineering for skimming and repairs, im sure when i collected my car it felt like normal, and i didnt notice any thing weird about the braking. I brake gradually and lightly though mostly.
This morning in joburg/South Africa, like really a chill it is , very icey cold and i noticed on the freeway when braking the steering had more of of shudder now , so i am wondering if now my discs are worse-worse ? can the cold weather do anything like have more of an affect on the metal to assist in further warping?

My discs are about 8 years old now, they dont feel groovy and i dont seem to have that deep lip on the edge like everybody talks about. From reason and conversation the guys told me that your discs warp overtime regardless of whether u drive like a granny or not.

I have in the last 3 weeks done wheel alignment and balancing, not sure if this is worth mentioning.

Can repair on the head gasket and taking the head to the engineers have an impact or influence / affect on the shudder story?

Can somebody please help me here to understand the likeliness of my car shudder?

Thanks guys

If you are not sure , please ask me if something is not clear enough... thank you
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